Zoom Coconut Bowl with Spoon seven dollars coco dealers down town los angeles
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The Good Ol' Coconut Bowl


What kind of coconut shop would we be without these? 


Coconut bowls are nothing new but they're mostly thrown out or burned after manufacturers make coconut water and extract the meat. Well, let's not burn stuff and don't let something so useful go to waste. We love all things coconut not just because they're healthy for you, they can also be very eco-friendly for your home! 

Hand-polished and uncoated (best for plants or food bowls), compost and biodegrades naturally. Since it's a coconut shell, it will eventually crack and break, that's just the circle of life. But you can feel better about this one because it's all good, no harm to mother Earth. 

To make these last, keep away from hot foods and extreme temperatures, hand wash and rub some coconut oil once in a while after drying to keep the bowl nice and happy. 

With good care, these bowls get pretty smooth and shiny, just like walnut beads and wood bracelets, it's a pretty amazing process. 

Each bowl is unique, wooden spoon not included

Use for smoothies, acai bowls, breakfast cereal, and snacks! We are nature's cereal or natural cereal aka that coconut water fruit bowl thing is pretty trendy these days. Make those with coconut bowls. =) 

Can hold around 9 cutie oranges but you can probably stack it up. Real story on our instagram. 

Great for kids too. 

Product of Thailand. 

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Coconut Bowl with Spoon seven dollars coco dealers down town los angeles

The Good Ol' Coconut Bowl



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