Custom Work

custom coconut los angeles

Not your average coconut vendor. 

Beyond the logo

An event is an experience, experiences are made by all of the moving parts and details presented together in a moment in time. This is why we work with our partners to create a set of designs that best reflect the who, what, when, where, why of their vision and help them make hell of an impression. 

In-house from start to finish.

We don't outsource and start each project from scratch, our designs aren't selected from a list of available patterns, each start as a freehand sketch and go through multiple versions of digital rework as well as test prints before final production. 

Stamps not sold separately. 


Need thousands? No problem. Our record so far is 1500/day so we look forward to topping that with you. 

Fill out the contact form on our homepage. 


Let's do cool things together!


- the dealers.