Shipping processing time is usually 1-2 days, depending on whether you chose Parrot Mail or regular ol' carrier option. Parrot Mail reaches most locations within 1-3 days depending on what state you're in. 

Deliveries are scheduled for small business wholesales with a minimal order. Contact for more info on local market rates! 

We deliver to most locations in Los Angeles county, Orange County, and parts of San Bernadino County. 

Pickups are usually ready within 2 hours after payment is processed at 1330 factory place. You don't have to pick up same day, we will hold your order and remind you everyday to pick it up. (yeah, we will)

Because of COVID we are not fully opened to the public but are happy to throw your order from across the parking lot. 

Just kidding. Your order will be sitting safely on our loading dock for you. 


If there's a problem with your order or coco, send us an email with your receipt and details at