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Real Coco

Organic Nam Hom Pink Coconut Water

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We ship these free because they're pink. 

Cold-pressed, organic Nam Hom coconut water in 11.2oz tiny-purse-friendly size. Even though you can't go all-out travel yet, you can have a taste of the good vibes.


Did we mention it's pink? You could always use some pink coconut water. Hand-picked in Ratchaburi, Thailand by local farmers and sometimes one of their founders, these Nam Hom babies are always made with love! Aaand what do ya know, Real Coco people are Cali natives! =) 


Naturally pink, no worries.


Ultra smoooooth with a hint of sweetness. Bottled at the source in tetrapak so no need for cold storage because they're awesome eco-friendly like that, recycle or reuse these little cartons for fun projects! Saves us so much fridge space. Chill 'em when you want or serve over ice in a fancy cup for the ultimate pinkity drinkity


Single cartons available at our physical store: 1308 factory place. DTLA.


Cocodealers certified good coco. 


Single ingredient. Hydration with style. 


To learn more about Real Coco visit

Super snazzy pink sunglasses from our friends at "Tropicana"  


Product info:


- box of 12

- 100% coconut water

- certified USDA organic

- sustainable non-gmo farming 

- no added sugar

- refrigerate after opening

- Product of Thailand