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Loco Coffee

Cold Brew Infused with Coconut Water

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Coconut Whaat?

Pack of 12. (Not 1 for $35 you crazy)

Finally a combo that combines two of our greatest joy in life: coffee and coconut water. Loco Coffee knows what's up. We'll let them speak for themselves on this one:

"Enhanced with coconut water, our cold brew is anything but average - just like you."

  • TWO SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - Cold Brew Coffee and Coconut Water, that’s it! Enjoy the caffeine from the clean, slightly nitro, cold brew coffee while getting the great benefits of coconut water.

  • NO ADDED SUGAR - Coconut water is naturally sweet and perfectly evens out the boldness of the coffee. Put down the coffee drinks with added sugar and preservatives and replace it with a guilt free cold brew.

  • UPGRADED - Each can has 570mg of potassium, which is equivalent to a banana. The perfect pick me up to fit your active lifestyle and keep you going all day.

  • CLEAN ENERGY - Each can will keep you going without the crashing effects of normal sugary coffee drinks. NO ADDED SUGAR, NO PRESERVATIVES, DAIRY FREE & GLUTEN FREE.

  • CONVENIENCE - Perfect grab and go coffee. No refrigeration necessary, but best served cold or over ice.


Break free from boring, and also sleep apparently if you have these in the afternoon. We tested, had some around 4 pm, couldn't sleep til 5 am. This would've been super useful when we were in college, or whenever you got insane deadlines. Get the crazy strong coco cold brew. 


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Awesome cookies by @galenescreations, delicious!


Product info:
- 45 calories
- 12 fl oz
- made in the USA