Zoom Travel Mouthwash Coconut Mint Tablets Powder Dental On the Go
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Coconut Mint Mouthwash Tablets




Hands down the best on-the-go thing we didn't expect to obsess over.

Super convenient for a quick freshen up after meals or traveling. Totally road-trip friendly for when the wanderlust craze returns! Or maybe it already has, we've seen a bunch of you at Joshua Tree. *Ahem! 


We have sensitive gums and have tried many different kinds of mouthwash, this one has a light mint flavor that is just perfect and doesn't leave our mouth numb or stingy. Coconut oil pulling has been used in dental care for a long time, now you can get it in a recyclable and reusable sliding carrier. It helps that Dr.Ginger is actually a dentist. 

To use: Simply chew on the tablet for a few seconds to powderize it, take 1 small sip of water, swish until all granules are gone, spit the excess and enjoy a fresh feeling mouth! 


Product info:


- 60 count per pack (good for a pretty while if used occasionally or 30 days if used regularly 2x a day)

- good for ~2 years


- organic mentha Piperita (peppermint powder), gum arabic, xylitol, coconut flavor powder, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), organic coconut (cocos Nucifera) oil, cellulose

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Travel Mouthwash Coconut Mint Tablets Powder Dental On the Go

Coconut Mint Mouthwash Tablets



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